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For the Advisors of Seniors

If you are a trusted advisor of a senior homeowner who is age 62 or older, there are several things you should know about reverse mortgages and how they can help seniors live more comfortably and securely.

  • A safe, proven choice.

A HECM reverse mortgage is a government-insured financial tool that has helped over 350,000 seniors enjoy better lives. Many safeguards are built into the program to protect seniors from predatory lending practices.

  • The best of both worlds.

A reverse mortgage can be the right choice for senior homeowners who need additional income without having to sell their homes to raise cash. With a reverse mortgage, the homeowner can get a monthly payment, a line of credit or a lump sum distribution without having to move or give up title to the home.

  • Ideal liquidity tool.

Reverse mortgages are an ideal way to create liquidity from a real estate asset. This liquidity can enable seniors to pay bills, make home repairs, retire an existing mortgage, or to purchase such health-related services as long-term care insurance.

  • Tax-free* money.

Since reverse mortgages taps into existing home equity, the proceeds are not taxed as income.

Many seniors compare the reverse mortgage pros and cons with their advisors and find that the benefits of the mortgages for outweigh any disadvantages.


* Consult Financial Advisor.
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